Dust Jacket, Illuminations

The first supply of hard cover Illuminations is arriving Tuesday and is almost sold out, so now taking orders for a second one.

If you want the hard cover, dust cover jacket version and live in Australia, please let me know and I will start to take some orders for that now. 😉

For international orders go to the Book Depository.

If you know a bookstore in those countries,wanting to supply the book so that you and others can then buy it then direct them to Ingram It is already available to bookshops and libraries in soft cover through them!

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Responding to Art with the Written Word

Rosalie Gascoigne Lamp lit 1989
Rosalie Gascoigne Lamp lit 1989, Courtesy of Queensland Art Gallery

I have made significant progress on a poetry project, writing poems for The Words and Pictures  project at QAGOMA.

Which is just as well as there are just four days left for my final selections and edits.

Some of the works have  inspired more than one poem/micro story.  One even inspired four pieces.

I now have to select the ones  I feel will be the most interesting or evocative for the people visiting the gallery.  I might share some of the others that don’t go in, here on my blog.

It is not easy as I am quite happy with each version, but then I have a vision of how all the works fit together and want the poems to be spaced  throughout the gallery.

Also my goal is to give the poems and micro stories a broad appeal, such that people of many ages might enjoy reading them, including people familiar with my work on Magic Fish Dreaming.

So now my role is to curate the right balance of my own work, to show that I love writing for children, families, youth and adults.

I look forward to seeing how the public respond to the writing once it is up on the Gallery walls.

I have a few butterflies of course, but it is quite exciting to share poems alongside art works, and have them interact with each other.

If you visit the work, feel free to leave a comment on my blog, or QAGOMA instagram as I would love to know what you think.

I’ll let you know the dates it is up soon.


Ray Crooke, Woman with Blossoms, Fragment. Courtesy of Queensland Art Gallery.



Poem of the Day

Delighted to have ‘First Day’ published at the Australian Children’s Poetry Blog.

Australian Children’s Poetry Website

First Day

Are you ready for a big tomorrow

listening, leap frogging,

growing learning’s wings?

Are you ready for a big tomorrow

singing, seeking friends,  perhaps

learning not to cling?

Will you notice as

your tomorrows become todays

patterned by

the daily school bell rings?

Will you find each day might

have a surprise

like a snake catcher visiting with

super thin snake skin?

Are you ready for a big tomorrow

As your school journey begins?

June Perkins

Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #4


June said: With ‘First Day’ I started with the idea of a ‘big tomorrow’, and thought about yesterday, today, tomorrow, routines and surprises.

I also remembered a time when my son had a snake catcher visit his school and so the poem was born.

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