Poetry and Puppets Enhancing the Storytelling Process

I am on a quest to make some puppets for an upcoming storytelling in January! I haven't made these since my children were little, and then I don't think I was very ambitious. Pinterest has been wonderful  for inspiration and I have now set up a special pinboard devoted to this topic. There are so … Continue reading Poetry and Puppets Enhancing the Storytelling Process


I am currently trying simultaneous narratives as suggested by Hazel Smith in The Writing Experiment, Strategies for Innovative Creative Writing - and having a great time innovating my poetry practice with this kind of structure. I love the idea of a poem that can read in three ways! I can't share this work yet as … Continue reading Innovation

Poetry Journal

Today I am beginning to keep a poetry journal again. It's a way to unpack the day and approach things with creativity and imagination -a sheltered place for daily writing exercises and ideas. Today's topics Pokemon Go and Ladders of Music. Also I'm aiming to read a new poet a day. The pictured journal was … Continue reading Poetry Journal