Handy Tips for Young Poets 1 – Working with Imagery

Handy tips for young and new poets!

Magic Fish Dreaming

Poetry is so much fun when you learn about some of the tools!

Handy Tip 1 for Poetry: Take photographs of things that inspire you and keep a photo journal, either physical or digital.

If you can tag (label) the photograph so that is easy to search back through your archives.

Photograph things that make you think of a story, laugh, maybe even cry, or are mysterious.

Write down some ideas when you first take it, and then write down some a few weeks or months after you have taken it.

Taking the photographs allows you to collect a lot of visual detail and study this in depth later on.

These images will be useful later for building similes and metaphors.  (More on that next time)

This is the kind of thing June likes to do in more detail in workshops.

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Meeting Fellow Poet

It was lovely to meet Andrea in person at the CYA conference on the weekend.

We discussed how sharing our books is going at the Brisbane libraries and in general how our journey is going.

Andrea just beams with optimism and support for her fellow creatives and it was such a joy to meet her. It felt like meeting an old friend.

I love the energy and vitality of conferences and connecting with people who share a love of literature and reading.

You can find Andrea’s facebook page HERE.