The Story So Far

Miranda’s Loss (I) In my skin there’s a butterfly forever captured dancing to the beat of my sweat. It’s dedicated to the memory of my lost child. At the moment I keep my weight constant to keep her memory alive. But if another child should arrive and make my skin stretch maybe it will be … Continue reading The Story So Far


Another from my cyclone recovery poetry series. Many of these were initially written in diaries whilst in the middle of recovery mode.

Pearlz Dreaming

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After Larry
Butterflies were everywhere
Especially by the Tully hospital
Gardens there were their home.

After Yasi
So many trees gone in Tully and everywhere
Uprooted and turned inside out
With their skeleton roots starkly exposed

Flights of dragonflies everywhere
Clustering and descending
To adorn rocks by
Swimming pools in need of a clean

Skimming on the water
Approaching and fleeing
Varied in kaleidoscopic patterns
Attracted to handle of red net

My son is holding
Their wings – small but aerodynamically efficient
Lead me to imagine myself
One with them

But, yesterday
I saw a Cairns Bird Wing butterfly
Dancing in the garden
Remembered how plentiful they were in Feluga

They became the slip stream
To all that has been lost.

(c) June Perkins

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What would Emily say?

The creek is still here skeleton bush returns bit by bit but the swinging tree of the waterhole is gone. The tiny blue trimmed butterflies hide with the dandelions gold and brown ones nestle deep into the green grass capturing them with camera leaves them free to fly. Why do some children take the red … Continue reading What would Emily say?