Shades of moonlight on moss singing

Enchanting mermaid’s tail flicking colours of
fairytale and dreaming

Taste of Mission Beach rainforest tinted with sky

Textures of ocean seaweed woven into waves
of legend and changelings.

a colour inbetween
not quite green and not quite blue.

A mermaid not quite girl and
not quite mermaid.


Imagination wrapped in the sky of
summertime’s embrace.

A girl on a rock writing of memory
and dancing
moonlight blue and
emerald green.

(c) June Perkins

Using colour poem prompt from Joyce Sidman, this is my colour, synesthesia, poem.



Seeing What is Really There?

waiting for the eclipse
Ocean Gazing – June Perkins

His favourite colour is to be found in the ocean
but yesterday he realised it was not always blue
but green & grey
pink & blue
& it depended on
the way the light was reflected
& he then began drawing the
ocean all its colours
& then found out
a flame was not yellow.

By June Perkins

light on cardwell ocean
Light on Ocean – June Perkins


everything has its day
Yellow- June Perkins

Smells like lemons
Tastes like muli juice.
Looks like hibiscus
Feels like crepe paper.

Reminds me of fried bread, tari men
And sunbirds.
I never had yellow clothes
Mother didn’t like yellow

By Lima  

2013-02-24 Afternoon Walking 005
                                               Sunbird – By June Perkins