Storm Haiku

Storm touch
Hibiscus petals shake
Cyclone memory free

Hear the forest
Green tree frogs
Sing like rain

By June Perkins


Three Haiku on Crow

Continuing my Haiku Quest to 1000, at 21, want to join me, send an original haiku of your own for healing and I’ll consider posting it at this blog.

A Thousand Healing Haiku

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Even for her
Crow singing tuneless
Missing the upbeat

Crow swoops house
Sorrows at my morning
Fate is a song

Winter crow songs
leave me sighing
for summer long gone

June Perkins

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Can Poetry Heal the World?

God has left a toe
nail clipping on the best
blue velvet bedspread.

By Shawn Bird

Do you think poetry can heal the world? I do if it comes from the heart.
Thanks to Shawn for participating in my Thousand Haiku Healing Quest.

To read more of  Shawn’s beautiful Haiku work visit
You can find out more about this healing poetry project Thousand Haiku Healing Quest HERE