Ancient Ones

identity boots 2- self portrait flag and feet
Identity Feet by June Perkins

Ancient ones watch unseen
I never see them but others do.

They take them to be spirits that protect
and wonder that I can’t see them
when to them they’re so clear.

Uncle Neville comes to stay
tells me
‘there’s an old man watching outside your door.’

Later an old woman is listening to my poetry
as I stand in New Zealand before Maori women’s writing group
as their guest

Are they my bubus or are they more ancient still?
Where do they come from to remain unseen?

Do I feel their breath whenever I sing
calling to me
words to unpack the unknown?

Ancient ones form
invisible threads of light
stitch the bird song
the stars and insight.

(c) June Perkins, words and image

Questions to Music


Have you ever written
unlocking & translating emotions into strings?

Have you adopted metaphors from stories
of a trumpet with his man called Dizzy?

Have you spoken Italian simply because
music taught you so?

Do you make references to songwriters
maybe Bob Dylan & his blowing wind,
or Pink writing to the President?

Have you found music gives poetry power
turns sad words into blue songs where notes bend
& give service to the downtrodden with all their trials?

Have you protested with melodies
enticing your audience to believe, grow & change
& did you stand up for the universal soldier who
needed to be free?

Have you listened to songs of the universe
giving the world purple Princes
& divine guitar riffs . . .

Have you stayed up all night
listening for your special music
to guide you on your way?

Have you asked a million questions
of the universe of song?

By June Perkins