A Ripple in the Oean

A ripple in the bay A ripple in the sea. A ripple in the ocean, Far, far away. Soft sounds in my ears Roaring sounds in my head. Sounds that engulf my body And fill me with fears. The gentle wave has gone. It has grown 30 feet high, The bay cannot contain it. The … Continue reading A Ripple in the Oean


Sometimes… [into orbit] Sometimes,  when i feel a bit angry or someone annoys me or i start worrying about stuff,  i try to remember that i  am a small but self-important fleck of something we call consciousness in orbit around a few other small but self- important flecks of consciousness on the thin and shaky … Continue reading Sometimes


Exotic haliconia Stairway to heaven I capture With my camera I seek you at night time The moon reveals you To my lens Morning clouds abound Rain drops around Now lapped up by the ground Abundant rainbow garden Tended with love and care My fragrant desire Does yesterday’s dawn Shine more brightly Than today's? Tomorrow’s … Continue reading Transitions