What music do you write to?

What music inspires you to write?

I like instrumental music with atmosphere.  Violin, Cello, Guitar especially.  Impressionists on the Piano are also quite beautiful.

Lindsey Stirling is one of my top picks on the violin.

I love that she is sometimes inspired by Writers,  as with Song of the Caged Bird.  She also has no limitations to what kind of music she plays, classical, rock, and more.


Writing with music gives me, a speaking beat, a mood, changes in pace and the ideas for story.

Sometimes my characters have their own music.

Imagine you have a character who is Jazz speaking to a character who is Rock and Roll.

Perhaps you have a Celtic Folk mother with a Punk Rocker son.

As for Lindsey, her music videos, with their dance, narratives, costuming, lighting and artistry can add another layer of inspiration to the writer.

This week I will concentrate on inspirations from music.


What music inspires you to write?


I Wish I Could Walk A Mile In Your Shoes

From Maya Angelou Facebook Page.

I wish I could walk a mile in your shoes
See all the sights you have seen
Watch life from the confines of your eyes
Taste the fuel that fueled your pen

I wish I could walk a mile in your shoes
To understand your mind
How you thought
Why you believed so strongly in revolution
Why you were such an inspiration to all that hear your voice
You see these shoes
Tell the story of your life

And they are big shoes to fill
As they possess so much knowledge
The remains of a creative soul
That has edged her mark in history’s page as the literary legend
Or the poetic superwoman

My brain cannot posses the amount of knowledge these shoes entail
For example being a black poet in a time were civil unrest was a “hot” topic
and the caged bird was singing freedom at the height of the unrest
That poem gave them hope and something to believe in

I wish I could walk a mile in your shoes
Those shoes that tell a story
And a wonderful tale of your life
By tying the laces
I have accepted the challenge
To walk the path you have created
Miss Maya Angelou

(c) La Shawna Griffith 2015

You can find La Shawna at her website HERE and you can find her on FACEBOOK HERE

From La Shawna’s Website

La Shawna Griffith is an emerging poet who was born and resides in Barbados. She is twenty one years of age and a final year University Student completing her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She truly loves writing pieces to promote change in the world. Her goal is to become a voice for the voiceless, a hope and an inspiration.

Why is this? Due to La Shawna aspiring to be a great literary legend like her idol and role model Miss Maya Angelou who was a phenomenal poet and revolutionary and it is no surprise that La Shawna’s favorite poem by her is “I know The Caged Bird Sings”

What does poetry mean to her ? She states clearly:

“Poetry is my diary … and it is a book that can never be filled …
La Shawna considers herself a social poet as she writes pieces which are currently happening in the world today as her mission is to educate and also highlight some of the problems that are happening in our world today.

This drive and passion lead her to the creation of her book of poetry entitled La Shawna- Unlock The Door which is available on Kindle and Amazon Stores.

When asked about her book she stated “My book is allowing you to unlock the door to see inside of me, the way I think and analyze the world. Thus, I am allowing you to come on this journey with me as we unlock the door to a new horizon.”

The Poet Sings of a Poet’s Tree

What kind of tree is your
poet’s tree?

Is it boab or oak
paperbark or willow?

Does it dance with Mandela
mediate with Mahatma?

Is it a haven for
Maya Angelou’s caged birds?

Does your tree sing
of how to
make a walking stick
through pain
with words to make the feet

Does it encase your feet in
shoe bark
to travel on the heated ground
of despair
through the cold of ignorance’s
help you to slide to the leaves of

How many in your poet’s family
tree went to war and
created odes to soldier’s
who bloodied lay
at the base of this tree
– lost?

Will the nightingale
sing from the branches
of your poet’s tree
guide you
into the heart of things
-take you out beyond this side
of a worm hole
into the galaxy where peace
birds fly?

What kind of tree is your
poet’s tree?

(c) June Perkins