A Little Fire

Fire – By June Perkins

A little spark turned into a fire
It jumped out the fire place
Creeping . . .crawling… creeping….growing
Bigger and bigger
Red and yellow flames leaping everywhere
He got bigger than a giant.
Bigger than a giant
Turned into a monster
Then he was

By Joshua, Mission Beach State School

Mission Beach hosts poet- tree
Mission Beach hosts poet- tree by Students – June Perkins 2007

Boy Scouts

A fire is blazing in the
Moon light.
The smell of damper is in
My nose.
It’s going to be a great night!
I can’t wait till we eat.
There’s going to be a good feast.
It can’t get better than that.

By Angus, Mission Beach State School.


Starts from snow
Avalanche Avalanche
Starts so slow. Avalanche
Avalanche has nowhere to go.
Causing destruction, CRASH
BANG SNAP. Houses are swallowed up
By a white big Strong Giant. I can’t sleep
I can’t sleep. I hear the howling and
Cracking of the avalanche. STUMBLE, TUMBLE
CRUMBLE it goes. I go to my room
And look out the window
The Avalanche has stopped.

By Alexandra, Mission Beach State School.

Frillneck Lizard

A frillneck lizard climbs onto a log
Hisssssss hisssssssss
Scratch sratch scratch scratch
Whossss whosss whoosss
Goes the wind
Pit a pata a pit a patta
Here comes the rain
Run I say under the rock
Whosssss whosss whosss whosss
Rain’s all gone
Out I came onto my log.

By Maggie, Mission Beach State School



The Townsville Strand is where I want to be
At the Townsville water park children
Laugh with glee
Soon the big buck will tip out
So much water


The mum’s will soon take home their daughter
I will stay and say “Bye ba bye”

So much Fun.

By Marny Mission Beach State School

Rock Pool

reflecting beach
Reflecting – June Perkins

I look upon a rock pool
Crystal clear just like glass
I wonder if there is a hermit crab
Is it a starfish?
I wonder if it is a prawn?
I look very closely.
I can see a sea urchin or a tiny fish.
I hear my Mum call so I run to Mum
She says, “Lunchtime”
And I eat all my lunch and go
Back to look at the rock pool.

By Riley, Mission Beach State School

rock pool mission beach
Rock Pool – June Perkins

I saw something

I saw something brown
As wavy as the sea.

I saw something brown
As bumpy as could be.

I saw something brown
As spiky as a tree.

I saw something brown
Shaped like a croc.

I saw something brown
Shaped like a clock.

I looked
And I looked and I saw
That it was just a

By Caitlin, Mission Beach State School


Mangroves are very beautiful
They talk to you and me
The ripple of water will never die
It helps them to grow from tiny …Bigger…to Giant
As big as a building or a Licuala fan palm
Mangroves are very beautiful trees.

By Sonja, Mission Beach State School.

Mangroves 2
Mangroves – By June Perkins