What will be the legacy of those we leave behind?

Will we ever know the impacts we have made?

Will we wonder from beyond?

Will we see clearly the trail of the heart of stars?

What will be the dreams we will fulfil that guided us through trials?

What will be the metaphor to stop us and make us think?

What will be the strands that link to make us deeply aware of all our parents did for us?

What will be the memories of my mother and mothering?

What will I continue and what will I transform?

What will be the meaning of the grass skirt wrapped in a blanket?

Will my daughter remember the dance my mother taught her that she never taught to me?

Will my sons ensure that their generation make two wings of the equality bird flap together?

Will they read poetry and love art for the rest of their days?

What will be the story they reform?

What will be the memories my children have of me?

(c) June Perkins

Daily journaling to explore topic of motherhood and legacy.

Mother Made it So: Piece 1

A very happy mother’s day to all the Mums, Grandmums, Aunties and relatives who stand in as or support mums and single Dads who do the same, may you be appreciated today and always. This was written especially for my mum.


Mother Made it So

I was a well groomed young lady because my mother always made it so.

She stressed ironed clothes, well brushed hair, and the best selection of hand-me-downs and St Vincent Wear, with the occasional new bargain thrown in.

Early photo albums always show her well dressed, but not conventionally so.
Sometimes she’s in saris, other times she’s in mini dresses with bee-hive hair.
Sometimes she’s in a grass skirt with a bikini top (because it’s Australia) ready for national dress events.

Make-up carefully applied, long lashes, now she looks like a Supreme.
Later there are leopard print clothes and bright vibrant purples and blues.
She’s usually slim, sometimes a little well- rounded, but only for a short time, then she’s slim again.

She moves (on a budget) with the times.
She moves with new geographies, Australia, not Papua New Guinea now.
She was generous with everything, including my time.

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Teaspoons in the Garden

Tea In The Park
                                  Paradise Circus -Flickr Creative Commons

One less teaspoon in the drawer
one more in the garden beds
one more beneath
my children’s favourite tree.

I know this for sure
they’re not anywhere near
my beloved teapot
& searching’s become a daily chore.

One more time I say,
“Can you return them to the drawer?
We need them to spoon
sugar into tea.”

& then I think sugar cubes might
avoid this never ending battle
or perhaps giving up sugar altogether
is the key
it’s probably about time
with my expanding waistline.

There’s teaspoons all over the garden
pity they can’t sprout like seeds
& grow up to the kitchen drawer
then I’d have teaspoons by the dozen
to stir my lemon zinger tea.

They could be like flowers
all sorts of pretty colours
with different kinds of handles
matching garden floral cups.

Games of make believe
won’t make this dream come true
but time will grow
children who borrow teaspoons
into teenagers who
ask for car keys & head for open doors.

Perhaps then
I’ll long for precious days
searching for teaspoons
in their garden trails

But now
it might be time to call them
& embrace
the joys of treasure hunts.

By June Perkins