A Ripple in the Oean

clouds to remind of storms...
Storm – June Perkins

A ripple in the bay
A ripple in the sea.
A ripple in the ocean,
Far, far away.

Soft sounds in my ears
Roaring sounds in my head.
Sounds that engulf my body
And fill me with fears.

The gentle wave has gone.
It has grown 30 feet high,
The bay cannot contain it.
The beach looks forlorn.

Waves come in and out.
No longer ripples,
They become the road,
Men, women, children shout.

It’s too late to save us
The warning came when it was over.
The waves took all before it.
Making no apology or fuss.

The waves returned to the bay.
The waves returned to the sea.
The waves returned to the ocean.
Far, far, away.

By Jean Vallianos



clouds, waves, ocean2
Ocean – June Perkins

What started the first ripple?
The twinkle of eyes
shared laughter
a gentle tug at the heart’s anchor

as the waves grew
their persistent rhythm
gradually washed over the shoreline
the tide pushing them ever higher.

Wave- June Perkins

Sometimes they rose up
green and glassy
If you didn’t dive through them
or ride them to shore
you’d be dumped and tumbled
like a piece of sea-weed
in the white foam.

When the waves shrank from the beach
the wise ran for higher ground
the cruelty of the surge crashed over those
foolish enough to test it’s power
leaving hearts wreckage

the ocean’s rhythm settles
leaving the flotsam and driftwood
sea-sculpted and polished smooth
in the dry ripples of sand
and time

By Sally Moroney

girl and sand
Girl and Sand- June Perkins

A Little Fire

Fire – By June Perkins

A little spark turned into a fire
It jumped out the fire place
Creeping . . .crawling… creeping….growing
Bigger and bigger
Red and yellow flames leaping everywhere
He got bigger than a giant.
Bigger than a giant
Turned into a monster
Then he was

By Joshua, Mission Beach State School

Mission Beach hosts poet- tree
Mission Beach hosts poet- tree by Students – June Perkins 2007