Neighbourhood Songs (1)

Playful cockatoos

My neighbourhood is full of birds, cockatoos, ibis, magpies and pigeons.

The magpie song, will be one I can never forget

It has people who care about others in the street.

Who might even lay down their lives for each other

if something fearful should be whispering in the streets

The listener on the doorstep, who feeds all the birds, and takes our bins in and out.

A neighbour full of stories and care.

It has people who left who come back to check on people in the street

because their Nana told them too.

It now has claimed my life for nearly seven years.

It is an old tumbledown house, fixed up rental, made as loving as at it can be.

The people inside are more important than the walls surrounding them.

It is a backyard full of songs and stories, and people watching the stars.

It is a place where the broken hearted gather in their search to be strong.

It is Ridvan stories written on the pavements in multi-coloured chalk.

It is walking with writing friends and their dogs

praying in the park with friends.

It is the place where two books are born and created.

It is the last place my eldest son will live with us before heading off into the world.

It is a place where we discuss world unity, and what will cure COVID 19 and all the other world’s ills.

It is the place of visiting musicians from around the globe, filling our hearts with stories.

My neighbourhood is

a place where people leave shimmers in each other’s lives.

But how can it be closer?

How can it be a hub of unity in diversity?

(c) June Perkins



Basking in your orchard
admiring your yellow
a song says your tree is very pretty
but you are bitter and impossible to eat.

Cheesecake says ‘no,
you make me stand out with
your moreish zing of bitter.
We are the perfect marriage of opposites.’

I have great expectations of what I could do with you
if I was given you on
an episode of Master Chef
but is this dangerous?
There may be things in the mix of the secret box
you should never be combined with.

I paint you with blue plates
on a French cloth
into patterns on wall paper
with me dreaming in your orchards.

I write you into a story
of biscuits and blankets for
you are the thread of love in
a starry, starry lemon blanket.

To the lost friend who never recovers
a bitter heart is
senseless lost expectation
impossible to take.

To the writer you are manna
melancholy that inspires songs
of lost love

(c) June Perkins

Mermaids and Monster Trucks


Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys
they love to drive their Monster trucks.

Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls
swimming with the dolphins
go the Mermaid Girls.

Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys
Now they go to school
Could there be a duel?

Mermaid Girls watch the Monster Truck Boys.
Monster Truck Boys watch the Mermaid Girls.

Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls
super diving Mermaid Girls.

Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys
super driving monster trucks.

Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys
They’re playing at magic school
which has a friendly rule.

Mermaid Girls can play with Monster Truck Boys.
Monster Truck Boys can play with Mermaid Girls.

Mermaid Girls talk to Monster Truck Boys.
Monster Truck Boys talk to Mermaid Girls.

Soon Monster Truck Boys
like swimming in the sea.
They’re jumping and bumping
in the sea.

Now Mermaid Girls
like driving monster trucks
as if they’re giant seals.

Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys
They’re all cool
And they all love school.
Their friendships are like jewels.

Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys
swimming with the dolphins
now they’re Mermaid Boys.

Mermaid Girls, Mermaid girls
Super driving, super dreaming

Now they’re Monster Truck Girls.

(c) June Perkins, first appeared July 18th 2018, on Australian Children’s Poetry

Luke Slott’s Kickstarter Funded Project


Super encouraging my blog followers to support this wonderful album project of Luke Slott.

There are some beautiful rewards for your support such as having Luke visit your community, or a skype hangout – but most of all a copy of the album.

Luke has been humbled and thrilled by the support, but many of us are not surprised because his musical talent and dedication to spiritual things, just speaks for itself.

The album is already definitely happening, but now the goal is to produce music videos for the songs.

“Growing up in Ireland, music was in the air. My childhood was a medley of my father playing in jazz clubs, my uncle playing in traditional Irish music sessions and my brother’s homemade hip-hop beats. I began writing songs in my teens and spent most of my youth playing in bands around Ireland.

In my early 20s, I discovered the…

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Hospital Vigil – Lullaby

(c) June Perkins


I think of you
sitting by the side
of a hospital bed
I’ve been there too.

You wait for one who’s in coma
perhaps induced
and tears are close at hand
but instead you will yourself
to sing your loved one’s favourite songs.

You’ve been told they can hear you
in their coma dreams
it’s then that you remember the power
of the lullaby.

This time your lullaby is
an invoking them to be allowed to wake once more
for head, heart and soul to be healed.

Your lullaby is to chase away uncertainty
to let them know that
in the land of the awake
love for them
is waiting
no matter how long the journey
whether from wheelchair or not
without speech or not.

Love is the lullaby that keeps
us dancing with those we love
beckoning from the world of dreams
to a world of lived courage.


Wake when you are ready
from the land of dreams.

Know that we are waiting
and we will cheer you on.

Wake when you are ready
to make those recovery steps.

We’ll be here always waiting
to cheer you back to us

You are strong
and to your future you belong

Your sleep it serves a purpose
may it make you strong
don’t forget that
to your future you belong.

Wake when you are ready
please return to us.

(c) June Perkins

So today it’s time for a lullaby.

I think I’ll write one for parents and siblings sitting by hospital beds. Thinking of Phil Hughes’ (Australian Cricketer) family today, keeping vigil by his hospital bed. Note within a few hours of this poem Phillip Hughes passed away. A sad day for the Australian Cricket Community.

Three Haiku on Crow

Continuing my Haiku Quest to 1000, at 21, want to join me, send an original haiku of your own for healing and I’ll consider posting it at this blog.

A Thousand Healing Haiku

Some rights reserved h.koppdelaney

Even for her
Crow singing tuneless
Missing the upbeat

Crow swoops house
Sorrows at my morning
Fate is a song

Winter crow songs
leave me sighing
for summer long gone

June Perkins

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Song of Blue

light on cardwell ocean
Light on Cardwell Ocean – June Perkins

She will play to me
Skipping a beat and finding a beat
All of the memories and the melodies of blue

She will sing the stories
Running up and down this town
She will sing of cyclones and
The rooves as they fell down

She will play to me
She will play to you
She will sing of me
And sing of you – she

She will play to me
Skipping a beat and finding a beat
All of the memories and the melodies of blue

She will sing of youths
Who died before their time
She will sing of Diggers and
How they lost their mates.

She will play to me
She will play to you
She will sing of me
And sing of you – she

She will play to me
Skipping a beat and finding a beat
All of the memories and the melodies of blue

She will take the drought
Turn it to a blue shout
She will sing of rain
Washing away the pain

She will play to me
She will play to you
She will sing of me
And sing of you- she

She will take the sorrow
That makes the artist whole
She will shake your tears
Into the song of blue

She will play to me
Skipping a beat and finding a beat
All of the memories and the melodies of blue.

By June Perkins

This has been sung as a lyric, sharing the words here for the first time on my blog.  May record it on sound cloud.