Winter Sounds 1

I wanted to share this poem focusing on ‘sound’ for all those poets visiting this space who want more examples of how to use it well. I visit Melissa Shaw-Smith’s blog regularly to catch up with her profound poetry and photography. Thanks so much for permission to reblog. I encourage you to visit her blog and read and view her work.

Melissa Shaw-Smith

IMG_8222I close my eyes and listen
To the impeccable silence of a January day.
Only it isn’t silence,
Just absence of human noise—
Except for that one small propeller plane
Droning across the blue sky.
The breath-fogging air is filled with bright pockets of sound.
In front of me the rapid flutter of chickadee wings,
Followed by a shrill chirp announcing safe arrival in the spirea bush.
Behind me a hairy woodpecker’s rhythmic rapping
Up and down the trunk of the maple,
Probing for insect larvae stunned into stillness by the cold.
Above, one long keening call from a red-tailed hawk,
A triplet of croaks from a raven,
Their swirling flight paths intersecting over my head.
In my right ear, a squirrel rasping the shell off a black walnut,
In my left, the wind riffling through a cluster of persistent oak leaves.
And let’s not forget the cat,
Mewing around…

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Sounds of the Day

Listen to the sounds
of the morning

a whirring washing machine threatens
to override all others

then it stops to soak & there
it is tinkle of the wind chimes
the sunbirds call home

sunbird in flight
Sunbird – June Perkins

the wind is dancing in the leaves
and shuffling them
like a large deck of cards

children’s indistinct voices carry
across the school oval
the school day will soon be starting

My children are blended into the
melodies of school as they set out
across the oval

bags scrape as they land in racks
pencils scratch the paper
stories and numbers
voices of teachers and friends

My day is full of sounds
whirring computer
fingers clicking on key board

I can hear recorders from music class
blown to me by the wind
and an exercise for creativity forms in my head

peace sounds like…
war sounds like…
bullying sounds like…
justice sounds like..

but I can only imagine tiny foot pads of the
gecko I see climbing the door

or butterflies wings
I see fluttering

Looking up to the Butterfly flight
Looking up to the Butterfly flight – June Perkins

I can hear the song of the delicate yellow bird with black face
but not its invisible sound landing on the branch

if the ears could hear those tiny sounds
we’d never sleep

I hear my children’s voices
heading back to our house
laughing, discussing
nearer and nearer

Now we’re chatting
all about the day
and this is what family
sounds like

 By June Perkins

A poem rippling on from this project.
Written in 2008 when my family lived  next to my children’s school.

Sounds of Tully

The wind goes Whoosh Whoosh
Hoosh hoosh
Whistle Whistle

The rain goes Pitter patter
Psh Psh
Drip drop
Dash sh sh
Splash plop

Horse goes neigh neigh
Clip clop clip clop

The children go chatter chatter chat and
Natter natter
La la la
Click click click
Tip toe

The parents go chatter chatter chat
Grumble grumble Mmmmmmm

The teachers go sh sh sh

Frog goes ribbit ribbit
cr-o-ak cr-o-ak

The wind goes Whoosh Whoosh
Hoosh hoosh
Whistle Whistle

Sound poem Prep1/cc Tully Primary 2007