From the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ facebook page

These steps we take can bring some dreams to us
with shuffle-shuffle-shuffle and
a toe-heel-toe.

These steps we take can last eternally
as we dance in top-hats and long tails,
long dresses and high-heel shoes.

The music is to glide for
the chandeliers to die for
but death is watching in his
noiseless tapping shoes.

Tip-toe, tip-toe, tip-toe.

We mourn the moments of a young lass
who danced forever in scarlet ballet shoes
sold by the peddler of ‘careful-what-you-wish-for-dreams.’

We mourn the moments of her lost dreams
trapped in enchanted shoes that won’t let go
it’s like the muse that stings, and makes us
insomniacs night after night.

Fred and Ginger dance onto our tv screens
We’re hearing their repartee twirling
in the early morning gleam.

Our souls seek a rhythm they can keep
Our hearts go clippity-clip-clip-clip.
Can patterned steps bring some peace to us?

We Fox trot, Charleston, Boogy Woogy and Waltz
Rap and Tap, flamenco and modern dance.
Ginger and Fred correct our steps one by one.

We dizzy wizzy round our dream maypole
And an African beat takes hold of our feet.

We’re dancing the world beyond these shores
beyond this time, beyond this space,
beyond human made limitations and Holly Wood screens.

We’re dancing ourselves
a united human race.

(c) June Perkins

based on Maypole, p. 11 Shadow Puppets. Made quite a few changes to this one.

From the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ facebook page


Dizzy Gillespie
fs999 – Flickr Creative Commons

I saw you blow the trumpet
On Sesame Street
Tee, Arr,You, Em, Pee, Ee, Tee.

Your balloon cheeks
Transferring your spirit into The Sounds of Bebop.
My cheeks look funny, but they don’t hurt

This they made your epitaph
On the evening news
That’s all they could say

But you
You did more Dizzy
You loved that Cat God.

You were a Herald
Bringing Unity
Blending a trumpet
With a Didgeridoo.

What did you do?
You loved that Cat God.

When you played at Carnegie Hall
Your music
Blew a portrait of
The Spirit of Olinga;

Servant of Baha’u’llah
Hand of the Cause
An inspiration to you.

Joyful all you trumpeters rise
Dizzy is coming to the skies.

Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk
John Coltrane and Miles Davis
Glory to your bebop King.

Peace in heaven and music’s child
Mr Goh will wait awhile
To hear your golden trumpet smile.

He’ll remember you
At Chinta Ria
With satay sticks and soya sauce,

The Mad Genius of Dizzy Gillespie
Orignauxmoose- Flickr Creative Commons

And me I’ll listen
For A Night in Tunisia
While Groovin’ High
On Salt and Peanuts

I’ll listen
For Melodic Warmth
And Comic Spirit

Man you played the last Dizzy Dime,
But we will put it on
Many more times
John Birks “Dizzy”

Oh Dizzy Bebop
Bop Dizzy be Dizzy
Bebop, bop-be.

By June Perkins

Originally published BAFA Newsletter. June 1993, Also displayed in a music wall.

The poem, Dizzy, an eulogy to Dizzy Gillespie was part of the artwork, Conversations by Sonja van Kerkhoff, on show in a music shop in Leiden as part of the Close to the Wall Poetry festival, 2005.

Dizzy Gillespie
fs999- Flickr Creative Commons

Unity Beat

Balance – June Perkins


Too many have them
Poverty’s feet
Too many have them
Poverty’s feet.

Stomping and tapping,
Stamping and rapping,
Crying and dying
Poverty’s feet.

Dreaming and grieving
Searching and seeing
Unity’s beat
Unity’s beat.

Wizzing Feet- June Perkins

Too many have them
Poverty’s feet
Too many have them
Poverty’s feet.

By June Perkins,

Sung for the launch of Ripple Poetry Wall Library Display

last touches to the costume
World Citizen – June Perkins