Spirit of This Tree

Inside I am Tree

Inside I am a tree
I want to spring forth
And grow throughout the nine planes.

I know that there are many lands at my feet
Frost lands and Tropical lands
And many will form in my branches
I spread shade far and wide
And filter out the light.

The Hawk waits to hide herself in my branches
She is waiting for my journey upward
To become a canopy separating earth and sky.

I wait.

Inside I am tall and I will reach
My hands up and from them will
Spring leaves.
Leaves of books, leaves of learning
Leaves to sing and rustle
All the music of my birth.

Inside I am a tree.

By June Perkins


Water over Skin

water flows, encircles
washes and renews
(my skin)
retrieves an understanding
memories from without
(my senses)
whirlpools unrestrained
unrestricted and entwine
(my mind)
rushing up against the shoreline
maintain a silent rhythm
beating skins of time
of hands
and face
and feet
in ceremonial washing
of pain
and shame
and violence
overwhelming sounds of drumming
demand relief
(my tears)

daphne cazalet

School Holidays

Salty breeze
Teasing my hair as I run
Warm sand
Tickling my toes
Licks of smooth ice cream
Trickling off the cone
Potatoes roasting slowly
Among glowing coals.

Delicate shell colours
Brilliant sky colours
Intricate water patterns
Grooved in sand.
Raised round crab patterns
Scattered on top
Bits of driftwood

Seabirds calling
Seabirds crying
Splash waves
Crash waves
She-oaks singing
Wind songs
Moody beach

By Pamela Galeano