Grey and White

cloudgirl4 - Copy

Grey and white streaks
begin to lace themselves through my hair.

I embrace
the signs of wisdom
chasing through me there,

And all around me others dye
and tease their hair to conceal their age
but that is their affair.

I don’t mind that they want to do this
and hold onto their esteem
but why does one say to me
‘You should dye your hair
you look so ancient and so old’

I explain to her
when I was younger
I looked younger than my age
and am happy to embrace
the white and grey that now
dance through my life.

She cannot take a hint
and simply doesn’t understand
I don’t need a bottled colour
to conceal the process I’m now in
and now she wants to know the colour of my youth.

Why do so many worship forever staying young?

I am happy to see silver starlight
in my hair
it doesn’t make me blue
to become an ancient woman
with an ancient wisdom.

When did aging gracefully
become so easily scorned
and not needing a disguise
become so fervently despised?

I take the process of my life
and seek an inner dye
where my soul’s forever dancing
outside my body’s time.

(c) June Perkins
(c) Image Zedetta Art

Nature’s Eyes Cry

2014-04-24 2014-04-24 001 030

todays webs hang
raindrops of possibility
as nature’s eyes cry

storms trembling trees
see past forest’s danger
as nature’s eyes cry

footpaths gather prints
dance for lost youth dreaming
as nature’s eyes dry


Image and Words by June Perkins


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In Memoriam


For my brother Bill

He’s climbed far
& over the hill
into the next world
far too young
before he got his wisdom –

Yet maybe he is happy now
& peace has found
my brother Bill.

He loved to listen to Jimi Hendrix
taught himself guitar
& wrote a funny song for my wedding day.

He wandered streets
to search for peace
without success

Yet peace found him
in quiet moments
when clarity visited
he could  certainly be charming.

So we’ll remember him at soccer games
in plays
like Anna and the King
or dancing
proudly in a grass skirt

That’s the Bill we’re proud to know
& let’s leave the rest behind
to remember the Bill
he often was
tall, strong, cheeky, talented
& proud.

By June Perkins