Ripple Generates Waves of Creativity

our roses speak

Dr June Perkins’ Ripple project is gathering momentum and is set to culminate with an impressive poetry/photography wall for National Poetry Week, Sept 1-10.


Students from Mrs Castree’s Prep 1 class at Tully Primary have become budding poets after responding to writer in community, June Perkins.  With impressive team work they have installed words in a 3 dimensional poetry sculpture and learnt about shape poetry and the power of asking ‘what if’. 

They have created and solved riddles and experienced the joy of role-playing creatures of nature. Dr Perkins said, “The children have been vibrant and imaginative.  They have embraced the magic of poetry to create some engaging work.”


Local adult writers’ group LICUALA had been in limbo for some time, but they recently met at the CRACA Gallery in Tully for an introduction to the Ripple project.  “Dr Perkins agreed to be their new coordinator and they are now meeting every three weeks. “CRACA president Kay Mays said. “With new members and fresh enthusiasm the potential for this group is exciting.  Additional members are very welcome.


“Groups about to commence their Ripple workshops include Year 5 at St Clare’s, various levels at Tully State Primary, Malanbarra Midja cultural women’s group, Mission Beach and Sally Moroney’s Enviro Kids from Mission Beach.”


Individual submissions for possible inclusion in the poetry/photography wall are accepted from all ages, backgrounds and cultures. You can pick up a submission form and further information from the CRACA Office or the Tully Library.  If you have email please send a request for a submission form to craca_arts AT [at symbol changed to prevent spam]

All submissions are due August 10, 2007. 

The Ripple project is funded by RADF – a partnership arrangement between Cardwell Shire Council and Arts Queensland.


ripple workshop reading