Magic Fish Dreaming

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Magic Fish Dreaming – celebrating family, nature, and diversity in Far North Queensland through illustrated poetry.



Tranquil Heart

(c) June Perkins – Art by William Ricketts

“Blessed thou art and more blessed thou shalt be if thy feet be firm, thy heart tranquil through the fragrance of His Holy Spirit and thy secret and hidden thoughts pure before the Lord of Hosts!”
-‘Abdu’l-Baha, Tablets of ‘Abdu’l-Baha


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Poetry Prompt #3

Sharing this prompt to encourage others!

Australian Children’s Poetry Website


The first two Poetry Prompts for the year have attracted a wonderful response. It’s been exciting checking my in box each day to see what’s turned up. Keep them coming! If you’ve missed a prompt, that’s okay, you can catch up any time you like as long as you put a note on your poem to that effect. Remember, too, this site is to showcase poems for children and encourage their love of poetry. Have fun, play with words. This week’s prompt is ‘Shapes’ so whether you write about shapes or shape your poem according to its subject is up to you.Send your poems to me at as a Word document attachment and I’ll choose a selection to feature as Poem of the Day.

Happy writing!


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