Kindness Ripples

hunting for a poem
Hunting for a Poem and Mission Beach inspirations – By June Perkins

A Little Fire

Fire – By June Perkins

A little spark turned into a fire
It jumped out the fire place
Creeping . . .crawling… creeping….growing
Bigger and bigger
Red and yellow flames leaping everywhere
He got bigger than a giant.
Bigger than a giant
Turned into a monster
Then he was

By Joshua, Mission Beach State School

Mission Beach hosts poet- tree
Mission Beach hosts poet- tree by Students – June Perkins 2007


Starts from snow
Avalanche Avalanche
Starts so slow. Avalanche
Avalanche has nowhere to go.
Causing destruction, CRASH
BANG SNAP. Houses are swallowed up
By a white big Strong Giant. I can’t sleep
I can’t sleep. I hear the howling and
Cracking of the avalanche. STUMBLE, TUMBLE
CRUMBLE it goes. I go to my room
And look out the window
The Avalanche has stopped.

By Alexandra, Mission Beach State School.

Rock Pool

reflecting beach
Reflecting – June Perkins

I look upon a rock pool
Crystal clear just like glass
I wonder if there is a hermit crab
Is it a starfish?
I wonder if it is a prawn?
I look very closely.
I can see a sea urchin or a tiny fish.
I hear my Mum call so I run to Mum
She says, “Lunchtime”
And I eat all my lunch and go
Back to look at the rock pool.

By Riley, Mission Beach State School

rock pool mission beach
Rock Pool – June Perkins