Short Stories of Forest and Fantasy!



Delighted to be featured in Short Stories of Forest and Fantasy Anthology put out by the Rainforest Writing Retreat.  I so enjoyed attending this beautiful retreat and plan to go again one day.

More information on this anthology soon!

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Creative Kids Tales, Story Collection 2 Launched

Magic Fish Dreaming

Last weekend June Perkins and Maria Parenti-Baldey were delighted to launch Creative Kids Tales Story Collection 2 into Brisbane at Hearty Art Studio, Wynnum.

They are two of several contributors of story, poems and illustrations from right around Australia, including Megan Higginson who illustrated both of their works.

They would both like to thank everyone who attended, assisted with the launch, all sponsors, and the Children’s Literature Community of Queensland, who have been nurturing up and coming children’s writers, especially Write Links!

A special thanks to Yvonne, Brittany, Ben and David for superb support on the day as well as to Kylie who pod cast their performances yesterday.

More detailed story on its way!

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Bharata Natyam Dance Performance – for New Dawn 29th October 2019

At the New Dawn Event.

Be Illumined

First dance: Tisra Allaripu (Raga Nattai, Tisra chapu tala: takita 3 beat rythm), danced by Virat, Dwani, Tharaniah and Tiya.

In India, there are seven different styles of classical dance. Bharata Natyam is one of the most ancient and most astonishing. It originated in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India.

Bharata Natyam is composed of very rigorous technical and rhythmical parts with some expressive and lyrical components. It is performed on the beautiful and complex Carnatic music.

Allaripu means ‘that blossoms like a flower.’ A purely technical threefold dance performed at three different speeds. It is an expression of the joy of dancing. Each part of the body successively becomes alive: first the eyes, then the shoulders, the hands and the entire body, chiselling space with geometric lines increasingly faster and more complex.

Second dance: Padam Bho Shambo (raga Revalti, Adi tala: 8 beat rythm) danced by Tiya .

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