Divine Tree


“When a soul has in it the life of the spirit, then does it bring forth good fruit and become a divine tree.”
-‘Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks

Here the hands represent the soul
in action and on that hand
is the imprint of the divine tree.

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When I pass

Always behind
seeking to capture textures of a family walk
mushrooms in a tree stump

When I pass
is this one of the images that will flash before me?


When I pass will I see
reality lights of cane and sunset
flickering orange, green merging and
realise my soul is
an interconnection of light to light memories
people there flicker
into lamps of their soul


The lamp of my soul
becomes zen of light and circles
all colours
and none
is this what souls look like
when we pass and go to meet our loved ones?



(c) June Perkins, images and words.

Rippling Peace

Peace Ripple – June Perkins

Reading to understand
Ignorance eradicated
Purity of motive
Participation in community
Loving all humanity
Innocence protected
No more hate
Good seen in everyone

Peace is more than the abscence of war
Eagerness to help others
Art a ladder for the soul
Caring for the vulnerable
Excellence in all things

Reliance on each other
Pathways to solutions can be found
Peace is achievable
Loving all creation
Importance of consultation
Needing to listen to each other
God is love

Dreaming of a future world
Rid of poverty
Entrances are without ego
Awareness of inequalities created by history
Mystery of creation respected
Soul is the centre of all

By June Perkins