Burn ye away the veils

June Perkins ©

“Burn ye away the veils with the fire of My love, and dispel ye the mists of vain imaginings by the power of this Name through which We have subdued the entire creation.”
-Bahá’u’lláh, The Kitab-i-Aqdas

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Liquefy leaves into 
    a vision 
   green circles.
                 can be 
                                        spirited away, so
       insight becomes a question

            What does the prayer's music


 Eyes taste
             lime circles 
             once eaten with 
             (now passed away) friends.
Fingers slip through
              splintered fringes 
       in the here and now

(c) June Perkins

Celebrating Poetry

Illuminations captures the wonder of the act of creation, the burst of excitement associated with the birth of the new, and the challenges and sacrifice involved in bringing inspiration to fruition.

Reflecting on the impact of the challenge of the new, in both the material and spiritual worlds, several of the poems refer to the advent of the Báb, the 19th century Prophetic figure, whose contemporary message inspired and challenged a sacrificial response on the part of those who embraced His Cause.

Magic Fish Dreaming is an award winning poetic celebration and exploration of nature, people and imagination in Far North Queensland.

Encourages children and families everywhere to hunt for their own nature-based or urban poems.

“Luminous and jubilant, Magic Fish Dreaming explores an imaginative world of rainforest and cassowary, the flicker of geckos and the roll of quolls. Whimsical poems and exquisite images invite readers to venture into vibrant, magical places, rich with stories and legends. 

Like the work of Michael Rosen and Shirley Hughes, images and words combine to evoke the textures and spirit of landscapes. Here, though, it is a vibrant Australian world readers discover, one alive with the colour and energy of nature and many cultures.”

Felicity Plunkett, Poet and Poetry & Former Editor for University of Queensland Press

 In Your Hands

The outbreak of COVID-19 meant the cancellation of live poetry events and writing festivals Australia wide in 2020. This resulted in many poets and their publishers losing income and key opportunities to showcase new work, not to mention build readerships and celebrate the words beyond print.

To offer a little relief in response to this, Red Room Poetry and Oranges & Sardines Foundation collaborated to create In Your Hands – a free digital collection featuring 80 poems by poets whose recent, current or forthcoming release has been directly affected by the closure of live events.

All poets were paid for their contribution to In Your Hands and audiences were (and still are!) encouraged to buy copies of the poets’ books.