To Be As One Tree – A Participatory Art Project part 1

This project was renamed – To Be As One Tree.



Be Illumined

Inspired by the brilliant participatory photography project of Nancy M Wong, many miles away, three creatives, June (poet and author), Kalen (collage and mixed media, painting) and Sheridan (digital and visual arts) conceived an idea to contruct a sculpture to represent the Divine Lote Tree.

The idea to create one joint piece, in which the whole sector and their friends and family might participate in, whilst doing their core activities, was born.

We searched for inspiration for the 3d tree construction and Kalen has begun experimenting to make the trunk.

Meanwhile June is working on ways people can compose texts, things such as poems or tributes to put on the leaves, which might be, 1) personal responses to the bicentenary 2) beautiful calligraphic copying of quotes 3)  how to remove difficulties from the world 4)Something of 1-3 in their mother tongue. The aim is to provide a diverse way to…

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Sorrow Not

(c) Image and Poem June Perkins

“Sorrow not if, in these days and on this earthly plane, things contrary to your wishes have been ordained and manifested by God, for days of blissful joy, of heavenly delight, are assuredly in store for you. Worlds, holy and spiritually glorious, will be unveiled to your eyes.” -Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, CLIII

Sorrow not your cocoon gone/ become butterfly/ Wing your way to/ days of blissful joy
Worlds unveiled/ soul wings unfurled
-Poem: June Perkins

For more inspiration head to where this work is included for the month of, Asmá’ (Names) 176 B.E Nineteen Months

First Completed First Draft

I stand tall.  I call out – ‘Finished the first full draft’ to family, social media, and the universe.

1.What does it feel like?

A shape from a plan has become  – characters engaged with challenges that mean something to them and to me. They are in world on a page and now that it is there I can shape it more through the editing process.

2. How did I arrive here?

By not once giving up.

By not panicking when I needed thinking and day dreaming breaks for things that didn’t feel quite right yet.

By doing more research when needed, but not being side tracked by it.

By preparing better before beginning and having excellent mentoring from Share Your Story in that process.

By using all the skills built up over years from courses, studies, conferences, university and life.

By pushing through the pain barrier when writing seemed tough and balancing that with having a rest when I felt my heart would break.

By hibernating from some other usual tasks.

By visiting dear friends for short bursts of time.

By staying focused and having clear goals.

By not leaving my writing for more than three days running.

3. Is it finished really?

Well of course not,  there are edits to go.  I resisted doing too many on the first draft.  I have learnt to relish the editing process and will use it to refine anything that needs it,  and ensure the scenes are just right.

I did some restructuring as I went and there was a major overhaul when I reached the mid way point, as my characrters indicated that my first plan wasn’t quite working for them and they wanted me to realise that before the end of the first draft.

4. What now?

Editing!  I want to do one round of edits for myself before I rest and give it to my writing mentor.

Then after she has gone over it I will go to my first beta readers for their feedback.

Then taking all the feedback I will do a second round of edits.

5. And then?

I will begin submitting probably through attending conferences and submitting first chapters.

Maybe through entering first manuscript prizes.

And whilst all that is happening I will begin a new novel.  Just in case this is not the one, but you know the ‘hide in the bottom drawer, or the cloud,’ practice one.

I hope it is the one.  I gave it my heart, tears, time and all the effort I could.


Now I can say, I completed a full first draft.

I can create beyond the beautiful art form of poetry which I will always love!

May it reach the world now it is out of my head.

May it be blessed with readers!

May it lead me to write more novels.


All the best to you if you are currently drafting or redrafting.


By June Perkins

Thank you Little Gnome Bookshop

Magic Fish Dreaming


A big thank you to Little Gnome Bookshop for supporting independent and small publishing houses, published authors, and a congratulations on their travelling bookshop.

To find out more about this delightful shop and their many community building activities, the latest of which is the travelling bookshop, visit Little Gnome Bookshop.

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Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab – A Photo Project – 750

It’s a special year. Time to reignite the Illumine blog!

Be Illumined

By June Perkins, response to Nancy Wongs collaborative project

I’ve decided to renew this blog during the Bicentenary of the Bab and to share interesting projects Baha’i Creatives around the world, as well as in Brisbane are doing to celebrate this year.

A recent project I heard about and am now taking part in, is a collaborative photo project with Nancy Wong.  This project is a creative transformative response to the execution of the Bab, which happened back in 1850 in Tabriz, Iran.

Nancy has invited photographers from around the world to take photos to be part of a collage art piece that will be on display at the art exhibit of the 2019 Art In Response to Violence (ARV) conference at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This year will be the ARV’s 10th anniversary and the conference will take place October 17-18, 2019.

Each participating photographer is…

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Ancient Modern


In the seventies

old souls with young faces

went looking for revolutions’ places

found heroes called Bob Dylan

looked in music for something

more than melody

danced with metaphors deep

and blue.


Now young souls with old faces

say, ‘Who on earth was he?’

and one wonders is there any

such thing as


to the old and young set in stone

are they open to change?


When will young faces have

young souls

and old souls have old faces

Or is it all a dreamer’s mask?

And a distraction to the true task

as we all face the fading of our bones.


To live the poet’s life

let the words

find the souls they belong to

doesn’t matter old or young

look beyond the face

listen to wisdom from every voice

keep alive the questioning of youth


and in the silence after


the open door.


(c June Perkins


Dancing Light
Studies in Green Light – By June Perkins