Short Stories of Forest and Fantasy!


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Delighted to be featured in Short Stories of Forest and Fantasy Anthology put out by the Rainforest Writing Retreat.  I so enjoyed attending this beautiful retreat and plan to go again one day.

More information on this anthology soon!

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Creative Kids Tales, Story Collection 2 Launched

Magic Fish Dreaming

Last weekend June Perkins and Maria Parenti-Baldey were delighted to launch Creative Kids Tales Story Collection 2 into Brisbane at Hearty Art Studio, Wynnum.

They are two of several contributors of story, poems and illustrations from right around Australia, including Megan Higginson who illustrated both of their works.

They would both like to thank everyone who attended, assisted with the launch, all sponsors, and the Children’s Literature Community of Queensland, who have been nurturing up and coming children’s writers, especially Write Links!

A special thanks to Yvonne, Brittany, Ben and David for superb support on the day as well as to Kylie who pod cast their performances yesterday.

More detailed story on its way!

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Bharata Natyam Dance Performance – for New Dawn 29th October 2019

At the New Dawn Event.

Be Illumined

First dance: Tisra Allaripu (Raga Nattai, Tisra chapu tala: takita 3 beat rythm), danced by Virat, Dwani, Tharaniah and Tiya.

In India, there are seven different styles of classical dance. Bharata Natyam is one of the most ancient and most astonishing. It originated in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India.

Bharata Natyam is composed of very rigorous technical and rhythmical parts with some expressive and lyrical components. It is performed on the beautiful and complex Carnatic music.

Allaripu means ‘that blossoms like a flower.’ A purely technical threefold dance performed at three different speeds. It is an expression of the joy of dancing. Each part of the body successively becomes alive: first the eyes, then the shoulders, the hands and the entire body, chiselling space with geometric lines increasingly faster and more complex.

Second dance: Padam Bho Shambo (raga Revalti, Adi tala: 8 beat rythm) danced by Tiya .

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Behold the Tree!

The tree is shared! Go to Be Illumined to view a slide show of the tree.

Be Illumined

So on Monday night the tree installation, a paper craft wonder, our 3d sculpture, to celebrate the Bicententary of the Birth of the Bab, was shared in Toowong, Brisbane.

Our Tree of Divine Unity was mentioned in the program:

The tree is a powerful symbol in most religions, often representing the covenant that has always existed been man and God.  The tree that you see here, in one sense represents the Bab, also divine revlations and the unity of mankind. 

We invite you now to please make a contributions to our collaborative art project in acknowledgement of the Bab and his life.

Here are some more images of the tree.

Thank you so much to all who participated in creating our symbol of unity.

There are plans to take it to the next Nineteen Day feast so that the community can view it again.

The tree may be going on…

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‘To Be As One Tree’ About to be Revealed. . .

Be Illumined

Our next post will be the reveal of the tree!

We are inviting people who view the tree, INCLUDING YOU, to think about the community building that might be done to make all of us feel like we are part of one tree!

The team are now completing the work on this sculpture and it can be viewed on the 28th of October.

Thank you for following our journey and to all those who have contributed leaves.

If you feel like leaving your thoughts on how to build a connected and caring community we welcome them here on the blog.

And if you are at our West Side Celebration, take the time to ‘leave your thoughts’ on a paper leaf, to become part of the tree and find out about our community’s activities!

June, Kalen and Sheridan, Project Coordinators

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Spooktacular Launch

Full of humourous poetry as well as some spooky stories! Spooktacular Stories!

Magic Fish Dreaming

It was enormous fun launching Spooktacular Stories, this years Share Your Story Anthology, to a packed audience of contributors, their families, the public and young readers who regularly frequent the Mad Hatter’s Bookshop.

Contributors were able to make it from as faraway as Canberra and Townsville.

This year marked the first year a contributor under 18 made it into the anthology.  She read beautifully.

Michelle Worthington, shared news of the hospital visit , where several contributors did a special launch with children and their families to share stories and craft, a few days earlier. It was  greatly appreciated by staff and families such that there may be another visit next year and an ongoing relationship with hospitals.

Each author present was thanked for donating their stories to the anthology and invited to read.

We all thought of our wonderful contributors who were unable to be present.

It is a…

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750 photo and video updates: sharing the process

Update of the 750 Project

Be Illumined

Nancy Wong has been updating the progress of 750 project using video and photography.

The updates cover the process of creating the installation as well as showing what it looks like in progress.

She has shared the names of all contributing photographers and their countries.

The 750 art piece will premiere at the Art in Response to Violence Conference at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago – exhibiting from 14-25 October in the Ronald Williams Library art gallery.

Then it will travel immediately to the University of Chicago for exhibit at several events commemorating the Bicentennial of the Birth of the Bab.

After this it will make its way to the Bahá’í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois for display in honor of the same Bicentennial.

For more you can visit Nancy’s facebook space

Here are some videos of the 750 project in progress.

Artistic Statement

Nancy visually documents the qualities…

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