One Leaf

One leaf
can break a branch.
One discovery can make flight.
One drop can stop a drought.
One brick can make a wall.
One wall can make a house.
One act can save a life.
One voice can change a song.
One person can change the world.

Ben, From Feluga’s Fabulous Fourteen.

leaf life
Leaf Life – June Perkins

I love the optimism of the young.  This poem was written during Ripple and then shared in the Feluga Fabulous Fourteen Writing Anthology.  It has been slightly edited before web publication here.


Dreaming of a Bear

If I were a turtle
I would swim in the water
And see all the fishes

If I were a whale
I could swim fast

If I were a shark
I would eat fish

If I were a bear
I could walk.

Byron Tully Prep/1cc 2007

The Bear

To Byron and Annalise

A stumble in the garden
Left me dreaming of a bear

A face like a fish
A turtle shell on his back
Swimming towards me.

Terrifying roar
I run to my hiding place
Trying to be quiet.

Trashing through the sea
A whale appears to save me
But I am asleep.

By Lydia, Licuala Writers

Sounds of Tully

The wind goes Whoosh Whoosh
Hoosh hoosh
Whistle Whistle

The rain goes Pitter patter
Psh Psh
Drip drop
Dash sh sh
Splash plop

Horse goes neigh neigh
Clip clop clip clop

The children go chatter chatter chat and
Natter natter
La la la
Click click click
Tip toe

The parents go chatter chatter chat
Grumble grumble Mmmmmmm

The teachers go sh sh sh

Frog goes ribbit ribbit
cr-o-ak cr-o-ak

The wind goes Whoosh Whoosh
Hoosh hoosh
Whistle Whistle

Sound poem Prep1/cc Tully Primary 2007

If I were a

If I were a turtle
I would swim away to my home
See all the fishes in the sea
And like to be happy
If I were a shark
I would swim in the ocean
And eat fish
And say peekaboo to you
If I were a mouse
I’d like to be Mum’s pet
I’d live in a high building in Sydney
And catch a bus
And go walking then
I would jump
Up to a rainbow and camouflage myself
If I were a koala
I would eat gumnuts
And gum leaves on the tree where I live
And climb on my mummy’s back
She could take me up on a tree to
Get the gumnuts
If I were a whale I would splash a lot like a dolphin
Jump over waves and swim fast
If I were a dolphin I would jump over big waves
I would have baby dolphins
And I would see you on the shore and
I might catch a fish for you
If I were a butterfly
I could fly so high up with my wings
I could fly in the air and
Land on your coloured shirt
I would flutter around and see growing flowers
I would to fly on houses and trees
I would fly to my mum.
By Mrs Castree’s Tully Prep/1cc 2007

Camp Chat


The toad in the rock said to the kids,
“Please don’t hurt me.”

The kids said to the toad in the rock,
“You look disgusting.”

The toad in the rock said back to the kids,
“No I don’t.”

The lizard in the bush said to the kids,
“Please don’t catch me.”

The kids said back to the lizard in the bush,
“We will put you back where you belong.”

The stinkbug on the tree said to the kids,
“Please don’t pick me up.”

The kids said back to the stinkbug on the tree,
“You smell stinky so we won’t pick you up.”

The teacher said to the kids,
“Time to finish your nature walk
Off to camp craft to make your birds’ eye.”

The kids said,
“Aww…” and off they went.

By Sheridan

Day Camp

Day camp by year 2 and tree frog by Susanne
Documenting the Ripple Project – June Perkins

Splish splash went the baby yabby
Bzz went the bee
Chirp chirp went the birds
Whistle went the lorikeet
Pit pat went the lizard.

Whistle, chirp, chirp, bzz,
Pit pat, splish splash,
Went the living things
(all at the same time)

Shebaun, Jeremy, Catherine, Kaela,
Dylan, Rachel, Sheridan, Jasmine, Year 2

Day Camp Riddles

Day Camp Riddles


I like to chirp.
I don’t like people picking me up.
I eat bugs and stay awake at night.
And sleep in the day.
What am I?


I blaze red hot
I am very warm
My coals cook the damper
I am usually used on camps
You sing songs around me.
What am I?


Water travels through my pipes.
Sometimes you can find yabbies in me.
If you drop something in me it will
Go down my pipe (like a sock for instance),
What am I?


I come in many colours.
I am oblong with circle holes.
You catch yabbies with me.
What am I?

        By Sheridan