Cross Roads

The haiku journey to 200 verses continues – modified form to make it nineteen syllables wherever possible.

A Thousand Healing Haiku

A hint of purple
on cross roads of cobblestone
illumination beckons. . .

(c) Words and Image, June Perkins

No.9 on the Journey to 200

Joe Paczkowski

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‘Release me,’ said the soul
as if it were a bird
and the divine spirit heard

Bird song become
notes of prayers and lost ones longing for
the future boat’s arrival.

No.7 and 8 in the Journey 200

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Lost and Found

A Thousand Healing Haiku

Lost and found vision
the ibis dreams her feather’s quest
equality has two wings

Lost and found visionary
ibis dreams her feather’s journey
in flight

Visionary sees
a feathers potential to be
wing, pen or symbol

(c) June Perkins, Words and Image

No 2. in the Quest to 200.

Do I count this as three? 4 achieved in the quest to 200.

Joe Paczkowski

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Poem of the Day

My Response to the River Prompt of Australian Children’s Poetry Blog

Franklin River – Andrew Matthews some rights reserved.

Australian Children’s Poetry Website

Three Trips Down the River

I  – A  Bed Time Story

Rainforest children fall

Into green dreams


Embracing nature’s eyes

Releasing their love for salmon.


II-  Night Time Wishing

Releasing time

In my heart for

Visions of night fishing with Poppy

Evenings of searching for the perfect spot

Remembering our smiles at my first catch.

III –  The Franklin

Revealing wild rivers

In the journeys they inspire

Visions for tourist and visitors

Entranced by nature’s eyes

Recipes are made for protective renewal.

June Perkins

June said: I wanted to work with the idea of three ways to think about the river: Prompt #19.

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Poetry Prompt #22

This is one I will tackle this week!

Australian Children’s Poetry Website

Hi everyone. Let’s get creative. I’m really interested to see what you come up with in response to this week’s poetry prompt. There are so many possibilities.

Thanks to everyone who has so enthusiastically embraced these weekly prompts. Your contributions to this site are much appreciated, so please keep them coming. Remember, if you’ve missed a prompt you can catch up later. And if you have other poems for children, feel free to submit them. They can be previously published as long as you retain the rights. Send submissions via email to as a Word or Text document attachment and add a line or two about your writing process.

Happy writing!


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