Time threads me into

Stars salt me with
the blue

Time traps me in
your silk

Stars sweet me with
your song

Fish threads me into

Ocean salts me with
your loss

Song sings me into

Time hooks me into

It threads me into

It leads me toward


(c) Words and image June Perkins (From my notebook)


Where to Buy Magic Fish Dreaming

All online purchases before the end of the year will receive a surprise mystery gift with their book. At this time the book is only available to people in Australia, but do contact me if from overseas  (please no spam!)

If you want to bulk order reduction in postage costs may be possible, so please contact me first. I will be story telling from this collection in January at the Asia Pacific Triennial!

For purchase

Magic Fish Dreaming on its way to PNG with your love and assistance


CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO MAGIC FISH DREAMING BOOKS TO PNG (You will be asked to verify you are not a robot first!)

Inspired by a meeting with Gregg Dreise, where we learnt about the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in Australia and their various projects I decided I needed to do something for literacy for my mother’s homeland Papua New Guinea.

I decided to run a non profit book drive to send some copies of Magic Fish Dreaming, via local charities that deliver them, to Papua New Guinea. In this way I hoped to cover my cost price only, and effectively donate the profit on these books to charity.

I wanted to do this so that rather than sending second hand books, that might not be culturally appropriate I could send a brand new book, from my heart to the heart of Papua New Guinea.

I wanted to do something to assist literacy to assist the children in my Mekeo mother’s homeland.

I had a feeling that if I asked my friends, they would want to support me in these efforts, and enable me to send more than a few.

To my amazement, so far enough for 76 books has been raised, and I am so excited to be delivering them to the charities who will then ensure these make it into schools that need them.

I will soon be sharing the names of all those assisted me to make this contribution on my social media and with the charities (as long as you give me your name) that find schools in need of these books in Papua New Guinea.

I will be making my first delivery to my first charity of choice, Books4PNGKIDS soon, but have found some other worthy people who take books into PNG schools and communities to support as well and I may look to send it to other places in the Pacific.

$8.00 AUD  per book allows me to send one Magic Fish Dreaming book to PNG by covering the costs of my printing.

People can sponsor as many books as they would like, whether it be one or ten or more,  it is the love with which this donation is made that matters the most.

I am now inviting overseas friends and fans to join this project to sponsor some Magic Fish Dreaming Books to go to PNG.

Please leave a note with a name and message and join us in this quest to send this beautiful book to PNG. You are welcome to email me at

I hope to share updates of where the books end up!


DONATE TO MAGIC FISH DREAMING TO PNG (You will be asked to verify you are not a robot first!)

Last In Person Tour

Two weeks to go, and another journey begins…


June and Writing Friends in front of Epiphany by Ian Fairweather, Queensland Art Gallery – Image taken by Sheryl Gwyther

My last in person tour of Words and Pictures is tomorrow afternoon at 2pm (Saturday 17th November). We will meet and depart from The Gift ( A raft) in the Australia Collection in the Queensland Art Gallery. Please RSVP by if you are able to make it.

A mega thank you to the QAGOMA for the opportunity to create the Words and Pictures Spring Season responses.  I  loved every moment of creating these pieces and then sharing them with the public, as well as my friends, family and writing friends.

 Magic Fish Dreamingmy poetry book for children, illustrated by Helene Magisson, is stocked in the QAGOMA shops and I will be reading some works from this book, and maybe from the Spring Season, at the Asia Pacific…

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Words and Pictures Reviewed by Renee Hills

Review of Words and Pictures – This is still on at the Queensland Art Gallery until the end of November 2018.

Magic Fish Dreaming

Review of June Perkins’s Words and Pictures Tour (Queensland Art Gallery, Sept-November 2018)

French artist Edgar Degas (1834 – 1917) famously said ‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’.

This was truly my experience when I joined June Perkins’s tour of Words & Pictures. June’s interactive journey through the Australian Collection features poetry and micro stories inspired by 12 different artworks. Her responses are written for visitors of all ages, with particular appeal to children and families; a delightful glimpse of art through the eyes of a poet and children’s author.

Words & Pictures is part of an ongoing project to increase engagement with artworks in QAG. Local artists and writers are invited to respond to artworks in the Australia Collection. June was thrilled to be commissioned to do this work. ‘This was one of the best emails in relation to my work I’ve ever…

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Sacred Trail

Art courtesy of Leonard Ericks

” Wert thou to hearken to this mortal Bird, then wouldst thou seek the undying chalice and pass by every perishable cup ”
Baha’u’llah, The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys


You sing us to
a place
that is not

where your words
build ladders in
the sky.

You shelter us
so unlike Icarus
burnt by the sun

we will not tumble
and stumble
through the valleys
leading to you

but instead
by feather
you give us wings

to glide

into grace.

By June Perkins


Leonard  Ericks was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Resided, studied and worked in Florida, Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Costa Rica. He graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design with Honors, and currently resides in Costa Rica, Central America.  Leonard is a painter and sculptor, writes and illustrates children’s books and teaches art.  You can find out more about him on his facebook page.