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The original aim of the project was to encourage the creation and enjoyment of poetry in the Cardwell shire, through a series of innovative workshops and the creation of a community poetry wall to be launched during the National Poetry Week.

Another goal of the project was to reinvigorate the writing community of Cardwell by giving them a focus, and inspiration to get writing groups meeting on a regular basis. This project encouraged writers to work across the genres, of photography, text and art and encouraged Cardwell’s young people to express themselves this way as well. 

Where to now for the project?

Now, 6 years on I feel it’s time to send these Poetry ripples out into the world and focus on the themes of peace, unity, empowerment, connection, family and children. It’s time to add more poems (some of my own and others who inspire me)- and keep celebrating poetry and making those ripples of connection larger and larger.

Yours in Poetry, June Perkins

You can find my website here  June Perkins



ripple_project3_tullytimes-13th Sept 2007 ripple kids6



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    1. Lovely to hear from you Michele. It is wonderful to witness the ripple effects through the internet as well, and to continue that out into real life. Thanks for your feedback and all the best for your work too.

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