Think Universe

For all my friends who've lost a baby ‘Think universe,’ said the tiny spider as it climbed upon its web. ‘Think universe,’ said the river as it flowed from the mountain to the coast. ‘Think universe,’ said the star as it looked on down from space. ‘Think universe,’ cried the mother as she danced the … Continue reading Think Universe

Sky Water

Sky Water A woman asks for water aiming her camera at the sky. Tracking the skies for cosmic soul, she frames a constellation. in the dazzling light A blind king in a seemingly mundane world spends moonless nights surrounded by a wall; he dreams of invisible light falling into his kingdom's river. (c) June Perkins … Continue reading Sky Water

Ecology Quest – am I living a second childhood ?

Whilst thinking about how to deepen my writing about place - a love for ecological writing, nature writing, and an idea for a new book of poetry and story has been born, or surfaced.  Looking back I see there are hints of it, that perhaps I didn't take notice of at the time, even though … Continue reading Ecology Quest – am I living a second childhood ?

If Glass Could Talk

for Jacque If only all the tiny shards of glass bottle brown wine green yellow and purple orchid swirls could talk What would they say if fragments realigned knit themselves back like broken bones entwined in casts and heroes walked? What if the paralysed could miracle embrace pain and grief trauma and loss till they … Continue reading If Glass Could Talk

Night Fall

Sun sets, pink, lavender, orange paint the sky. First star of the night winks brightly into place. Moon slowly rises, full, high above the land. Thin clouds drift across--game of peek-a-boo. Veil. One star arcs gracefully, descending to Earth. By Sunny Dreamer Thanks to Sunny Dreamer (Shiloh) for giving permission to share this poem on the … Continue reading Night Fall