What if?

ripplepoetry maxie 

What if?

What if cars
Jumped over people
Had mouths
Turned into frogs?

What if a rainbow
Turned into a dinosaur
And into the sky?

What if the dish ran away with the spoon
The cow jumped over the book?

What if people
Turned into rainbows
Had four legs
And cars jumped over people

What if the sky was pink
And turned into a rainbow?

What if the moon was on the ground
The grass was blue and
The trampoline jumped around?

(First Published in School Newsletter Term 3 Tully State Primary 2007)


Word Walls that Inspire

word wall

What might a poetry wall look like? Well here is a word wall with lots of seeds for poems. Notice also the lovely feet which are going to have some of these words forming shape poems.

This fabulous creation was completed by Mrs Tronconne with her year one class. They came up with the words, including the word that inspired a poem “The Lovefulness Tree”.

I’ll feature some more poetry and word walls here later. We are also creating a poet-tree (more news on that later).


Ripple Program announced!

beginnings yellow

Can you believe it? Just a couple of weeks to go and National Poetry Week in Australia will be here.

Ripple- a small wave that can change everything-poetry week in Cardwell Shire, Various activities

Tuesday September 4th
Official Launch of Community Poetry Wall and June Perkins exhibition of photos and poetry. 6 pm CRACA Gallery and Office, 1 Butler St Tully, rsvp by 31st of August

Friday September 7th
10.30am -12.30 Library poetry activities for school kids who helped with the poetry wall. Featuring readings by contributors to the wall and installation of poetry feet and leaves.

11.00am-1.00pm Activities CRACA Gallery 1 Butler St Tully. Workshop with visiting poet Owen Allen Mission Beach school attending.

7.00 pm
Poetry Gong-a-thon- open reading CRACA 1 Butler St. All welcome.
Share your work but watch out for that gong signalling your reading time is up- to give everyone attending a fair chance and the audience a fair chance too!

3-18th September
Exhibition Ripple- poetry wall.
September CRACA and Tully Library exhibiting the community poetry wall and work of June Perkins local poet. Poetry and photography.   School groups and other visitors welcome to view the poetry wall anytime between 3-18th except for on the 7th of September visit after 1.30pm

Featured on the wall, Mission Beach State School students, Tully State School, Malanbarra Midja women’s cultural group, Licuala writers and individual writers and photographers from Darwin, Cairns, Tully, United States, Holland, and Mission Beach.

For more information phone CRACA 

Look out for more poetry and news on this site as poetry week approaches!

celebrating poetry3

Poetry ripples in from Mission Beach


Something Brown

I saw something brown
As wavy as the sea.
I saw something brown
As bumpy as could be.
I saw something brown
As spiky as a tree.
I saw something brown
Shaped like a croc.
I saw something brown
Shaped like a clock.

I looked
And I looked and I saw
That it was just a

(c) By Caitlin

One of nine poems from Mission Beach State School  to make it onto the poetry wall.