Search for the Stillness


The silent space
beyond the threads

beyond tweeted tiny details
of everyone’s planet

the tendency of people
to overshare and demand
seeking their tiny minutes
of fame and infamy

those who peek out only
when they have something deep to say

those who hang out for intellectual
sustenance within the threads
of everyday

unravel in waves of concern
in a world like chorus
cheering and jeering at the sidelines of everyday

Connecting us to Maya
and Stephen Fry

silence calls
stillness waits

memes remind of the spiritual
the social obligation
friendship that is more
than threads

tendrils of humanity

silence calls
stillness waits

this is the space
where story beckons

(to be continued – a first draft of the poem, it may change, a chorus to the poem is developing, and this one might be one to perform!)
(c) June Perkins

3 thoughts on “Search for the Stillness

    1. Thanks Sonya, working on a series of reflections like this offline 😉 also exploring today the last conversations with friends passed on…

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