Seeing Old Friends

June Perkins and Maurice Nicholsen

There has been little time to keep up with the blog, but a lot of writing has been happening off line.

During November and December I travelled to South Australia to research the story of Uncle Fred Murray.

I kept a travel journal whilst in South Australia researching the story of Uncle Fred Murray and friends. It ended up about 20 thousand words of reflections, questions and discoveries.  Some of it may be part of the book I end up writing.

During my time there I met up with an old friend Maurice Nicholsen.  Maurice is working on writing his life story. It has been 18 years since I last saw Maurice. How quickly time passes. We discussed some ways he could start writing his story and the main thing being to do a bit each day, and use triggers of photographs, as well as construct a timeline and a vision for his story.

I took a lot of photographs of the trip. I made many discoveries for my research and came across old photographs in people’s family collections. I made new friends and connected with old friends like Maurice but also my dear friend Marjorie Tidman.  I had not seen Marjorie in many years.

Maurice, Marjorie and June

During the trip away Marjorie and I had many interesting yarns.  We talked about so many things, including the process of writing and research, the role of the artists and spiritual topics as well. Marjorie introduced me to some books, and also told me how she had once run into a young Troy Cassar Daley.

It was very uplifting to be in the company of these two!

Although I don’t wish to share the journal of my journey on the blog, as I wish to save it be a writing tool for the book, I will share some photographs of the trip away and reflect on some of the memories that surrounded my research explorations.

I am inspired to write some poems based on the journey as well!


Old friends



on how quickly time passes.


The road rolls away


and philosophies are shared.


Turn around

look back

and decades scroll away.


And in the faces of

the young man who is her

son is the young boy

I remember

peeking out.


(c) June Perkins


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